AMR is involved in offering complete consultancy services to source virgin coal mining concession, apply for all related government licences and permits to explore, excavate and opreate the coal mine. The present project has received all approvals and awaiting for a Joint Operartor to invest in the operation of mine and sale of coal. The coal mine is located at Sei Ringin Village, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The Total Area of the mine 9908 hectares and the estimated deposit is 100 million tonnes. AMR is also in the process of right investor and joint operator for this coal mine.

Gross Calorific Value (ARB) : 4200 Kcal/Kg
Total Moisture (ARB) : 35%
Inherent Moisture (ADB) : 14%
Volatile Matter (ADB) : 38%-40%
Ash Content (ADB) : 5%
Sulfur (ADB) : 1% max
Fixed Carbon (ADB) : By difference